Success Stories

Cindy P.

"Smile and the world smiles with you! Thank you, Dr. Munowitz! Your expertise coupled with your desire for perfection is exactly what I have been looking for in my dentists credentials. My front tooth was chipped in 1995 and I thought I would just live with it. Eventually I found myself not smiling as much as I used to.

After researching cosmetic dentists in the area, I decided to see Dr. Munowitz. I feel so lucky to have found such an informed and caring Doctor. She gave me my smile back!"

Johnathan W.

"My smile was narrow and Dr. Mindy brought my smile out with my braces. Thank you Dr. for giving me a great smile now I am ready for my new life in California!"

Roger C .

"What a difference the ability to smile makes in your life. I can not explain what a smile does to your confidence as well as your appearance. The only people that can relate to how I feel are those that have not been happy with their bites as well as the look of their teeth. Dr. Munowitz has made me healthier and happier with my appearance! Now II am proud to have everyone see my smile. Most of us will spend more on a car (that depreciates and does not last) than they will spend on themselves. My smile will be with me for the rest of my life!"

Thelma W.

"First, I would like to thank Dr. Munowitz and her entire staff. They are a wonderful group of people. Since having my veneers done I smile all the time. Before they were done I rarely smiled and never showed my teeth. People ask me how do I keep my teeth so white and they are perfect.

I explain what Dr. Munowitz has done for me. Men approach me constantly, I ask them what made them approach me and they always answer my smile.I am more confident in myself now, and I smile for the whole world to see."

Mary F.

"When I met Dr. Munowitz I had no idea about the connection of my diagnosed TMJ with the pain symptoms I was living with. When I came to work with her she started my treatment immediately. within a short period of time my symptoms diminished and now they are gone. Now I have the opportunity to share my experience and help others find the solutions that are possible here at our office with Dr. Munowitz."

Rosie B.

"My new smile is so natural that no one in college even knows that I had veneers!"

Luella L.

"My first visit was a pleasant experience. Desk clerk, each assistant, and Dr. Mindy Munowitz are really nice and friendly. You feel very much at ease, and they do a great job working on your teeth! My lower teeth are now clearly white and I am very much pleased with my new upper dentures. I now have an upper lip in which to show my sparkling white teeth off. This dentists' facilities are very outstanding and I will recommend to all my relatives and friends."


"I was unhappy with my aging smile. I had heard about and saw the results that Dr. Munowitz was able to achieve. I had reservations about the process of transforming my smile. Thanks to Dr. Munowitz expertise and experienced staff it was complete in a few visits. I am very happy with the results!"

Mike D.

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"I just want you to know you all do a great job. Ever since I was a kid I really didn't like going to the dentist very much, but Meg and Dr. Munowitz and everyone on the staff is really friendly and helpful.
Thank you from a happy customer."

Gary A.

"Dear Dr. Munowitz:
I again want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful results from your teeth whitening treatment. My teeth had 67 years of stain and I am amazed at how great they look now. You are right when you said that I will smile more often now. Some of my co-workers noticed a difference and accused me of going to a tanning salon! "

Thelma M.

Dr. Munowitz,
After a bad experience with a dentist on two upper dentures, I looked on the internet for a cosmetic dentist and found you. I drove forty minutes to your office and after the first visit I felt comfortable that I had found a great dentist. You and your assistant Donna made a great first impression. Then a second and a third. Now I have a perfect fitting denture that also looks great! I highly recommend Dr. Munowitz. Her staff is friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Thank you.

Deanna M.

"I was very pleased with my visit for the first time in my life. I am proud to smile. You did a great job and will be forever thankful to you for it."


Louetta Huddleson

I would like to start off by saying that I have always had a fear of dentist and dental offices which stems from early childhood. I've therefore neglected my oral health even into my elder years, letting the fear practically consume me. From the first day I walked into Dr. Mindy Munowitz's dental practice that began to change. Jenifer at the front desk with her friendly smile greeted me and my fears began to fade. The whole staff is warm and friendly and have a wonderful way of making you feel at ease and comfortable. From a warm blanket on a cold day to a bottle of water on a hot one; a pat on the arm, or a warm friendly greeting, they put even the most nervous patient at ease. Dr. Munowitz's gentle and kind manor combined with the relaxed atmosphere soon had my fears fading away. I highly recommend Dr. Mindy. She is the best! I'm very happy with the work she did for me. For the first time in a long time I'm able to smile and not be ashamed of my teeth.
Thank you Dr. Munowitz and staff.


Everyone made me feel comfortable. I'm not good at visiting the dentist, i've had a lot of bad experiences and I thank all of you for not making me feel ashamed of my situation. I'm looking forward to my next visit and getting my dental problems solved.


No concerns. I have been happy with the dental work that I have received so far, and I will be back for more. I will fill out the survey again after I have received more dental bare, but as for now I can say I am a happy patient.

The office is very professional and took care of all my needs. The office is bright, clean, and informative. Dr. Munowitz truly cares about your teeth, health and you as a person.

Helene K

I have been suffering with TMJ for a number of years. The pain in my ears could not be stopped no matter what treatment my former dentist nor ENT could cure. My ENT finally told me to try Dr. Minowitz. Within a few short months, Dr. Minowitz was able to control my TMJ using a Tens unit and bite plate. These two things retrained my jaw to its proper position, with NO pain. Even though I find I have to wear the bite plate all the time, it is no hindrance to me and keeps the ear pain away.

I have now switched over to Dr. Minowitz as my full time dentist. I'm extremely happy with her and her staff. The office if full of caring people.


I was referred to Dr. Munowitz by an oral surgeon for my TMJ disorder. I am very pleased with the results since the neuromuscular treatment plan was started and I received my new orthotic. My headaches and neck pain have almost disappeared. The popping, crunching noises when I eat have gone away when wearing the orthotic. I don?t feel any slipping of my jaw.

I highly recommend Dr. Munowitz to anyone with TMJ problems.?

As a patient of Dr. Munowitz, I have struggled with inflamed and bleeding gums. Dr. Munowitz and her assistant, Meg, introduced an Oxygen/Ozone treatment plan recently to clean any infection in my gums. This process had immediate effect on the bleeding and tenderness. Since the treatments, I continue to use an Ozonated Olive Oil on my gums and have wonderful success. I wholeheartedly believe in using this Oxygen/Ozone treatment for my dental needs.


I am so happy to find a Natural Holistic Dentist! Thank you for caring and sharing all your knowledge about Mercury poison, I am so happy to have them out of my mouth! (My mouth feels so much better!) PS Love.


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